Massage may be billed to insurance for the following cases:

Auto injury Pain
Work related claim Tension
New injury Headaches
Reccuring injury  

I accept the following insurance: (prescriptions from your doctor may be necessary):
Group Health
Washington State Labor & Industries
All Auto Insurances

Plans not listed above
I am happy to check for you about any other plans, not listed here.  As plans merge, or change names,
I need to re-check to find out if massage & I are covered.


I will check your plan benefits with your insurance company, to confirm massage therapy is covered and for how much.  To do this checking I will just need:

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Your birthday
  3. Insurance name
  4. Your Ins. ID number
  5. Your insurance’s phone number
  6. Your phone or email to reply to you (note if I can text you at your phone #)

Mark is a great massage therapist! Unlike going to a spa, Mark takes the time to get to know you and what is going on with your body. He does both medical and relaxation work. I've been seeing him for years, and whenever I go to someone else (vacation, spa, etc) I regret it.
Reza P.,