[ Printable Prescription Form ]

Many insurance companies require a doctor’s prescription for massage therapy.  Please note, a prescription is a paper from your doctor detailing:

  • Your name
  • The doctor’s name & contact info
  • Your diagnosis
  • Treatment (massage therapy)
  • Frequency (how often)
  • Duration (expiration date)


Mark Hughes has been my Massage Therapist since 2002.  My upper back and neck problems improve with each session.  I also feel relaxed, less stress and sleep better at night.  I would recommend Mark Hughes to anyone looking for an outstanding Massage Therapist.
Ronald Piazza



A few insurance plans will require the additional step of a REFERRAL.  Please note, that a referral is not the same as a prescription. 

A referral limits you to see the ONE massage therapist named on your referral.

A referral necessitates your doctor contacting the insurance company, in advance, to recommend massage therapy for you.  When the insurance company agrees, they will generate a referral number.  You can, then, seek your massage therapy.